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Go There! Businesses Early Muskegon County Businesses and the Owners Listings.
Go There! Cemeteries

Muskegon County Cemetery Records and Maps. Updated January 2016.

Go There! Census Information A listing of what information can be found on census various records.
Go There! 1884 Census Muskegon's 1884 Census Records. Includes every name index. Updated March 2014.
Go There! 1894 Census Muskegon's 1894 Census Records. Includes every name index. Updated February 2014.
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Church Listings-Pastors

Churches of Muskegon County and Pastors who served there from the 1800's. Also links to St. Paul's and First Reformed Records.
Go There! Citizenship Records Early Muskegon County Citizenship Listings.
Go There! City Directory-Lasser A record of a city directory listing for the Lasser name. Many other names are also listed here. (Information donated from an MCGS member.)
Go There! County & State Lists A list of counties for every state in the U.S.
Go There! Elected Officers Early Muskegon County Elected Officials from 1867.
Go There! History  - Local Historical articles and events in Muskegon and West Michigan.
Go There! History - World Vital information and timelines in history.
Go There! Internet Links Internet sites to help with research.
Go There! Log Marks & Lumbermen Muskegon's Lumbermen and the log marks they used. This is a vital part of the heritage of Muskegon County.
Go There! Marriage Index Marriage Index of Marriage Licenses. 1859 - 1/1/1945. Updated February 2014. More to come.
Go There! Military 1888 1888 Index of Military personnel and post office address listed.
Go There! The Montague/White Lake Observer 1889-1981 Click Here (To browse issues.)
Go There! Newspaper Vital Statistics Newspaper vital statistics listed by year for 1980 - 2013.
Go There! Obituaries, News & Photos Photos, News Articles, Obituaries, Vital Records Information donated by members while doing research. Hundreds of names and photos!
Obituaries for Steketee added.
Go There! Photographs Old photographs of Muskegon County residents submitted by members and friends of the society.
Go There! Photographers Photographers of Muskegon County - Late 1800's forward. Some are still in business!
Go There! School Lists A list of students and teachers from Muskegon Schools in the 1800's and early 1900's.
Go There! Society Women Muskegon's Society Women from the 1800's.
Go There! State Nicknames A list of states and their nicknames.
Go There! Surname List A list of surnames researched by Members of Muskegon County Genealogical Society.
Go There! Theatrical Colonies Theatrical Colonies were an important part of Muskegon's history. This is a list of some of the people in those colonies in the early 1900's. Buster Keaten was from Muskegon!
Go There! Unclaimed Postal Letters A list by name of unclaimed letters from early Muskegon postal records.
Go There! Vertical Files of Hackley Library A surname index of names that the Hackley Public Library Local History and Genealogy Department has information on.
Go There! Veterans Lists - Who Served Names submitted from the Spanish American War, Civil War , WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korean Wars. Muskegon County Residents.

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